Friday, 3 December 2010

The Active Audience Theory

In my personal opinion, The Active Audience Theory is one of the most basic, yet most valid and true media theory of them all.

David Morley
Devised the three general categories of interpretation of media texts amongst audience.
The active audience theory comprises of the semi-hypothesis that audience do not all absorb a Media text in the same way. And that the audience may have different reactions to the material.

This is a step up from the Two-Step-Flow theory, which is a step up from the Hypodermic syringe theory, relating society to Media: That audience tend to interpret, understand and criticise media texts in social circles, based on pre-injected ideas in the media texts, as opposed to dealing with it as individuals.

The Active Audience Theory demonstrates the fine line between freewill and obligation in Media.

The general three interpretations of a media text are:

  • Oppositional - people disagree with the message and reject it.
  • Negotiated - On the whole, the view is agreed with but slightly altered.
  • Dominant - The message is fully accepted.

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